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Monitored Markets

Markets 1-10
New York Los Angeles
Chicago San Francisco
Dallas Houston
Philadelphia Washington DC
Atlanta Detroit
Markets 11-25
Boston Miami
Seattle Phoenix
Minneapolis San Diego
Tampa St. Louis
Baltimore Denver
Portland Pittsburgh
Markets 26-50
Cleveland Sacramento
Cincinnati San Antonio
Kansas City Salt Lake City
Las Vegas Charlotte
Orlando San Jose
Milwaukee Columbus
Providence Indianapolis
Norfolk Austin
Raleigh Nashville
Greensboro West Palm Beach
Jacksonville Oklahoma City
Memphis Hartford
Markets 50+
Buffalo Rochester
Louisville Richmond
Birmingham New Orleans

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The publisher acknowledges that the materials contained in this library of radio station broadcasts (Airchecks) were by lawful definition, copyrighted at the time of creation by those who originated it. These "telescoped" or "scoped" Airchecks, however, are factual works; as they are historical, analog, off-the-air recordings of one-time only radio broadcasts. No musical performances are included, and only a small portion or duration of the featured air personalities or stations can be heard. As such, the value of the actual broadcasts were not adversely affected. RADIO ONLINE considers these terms to conform to "Fair Use" provisions of U.S. Copyright Law.

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